Spy camera » hidden cameras for surveillance

The ongoing advancement of technology and the increasing miniaturization of electronic components make it now possible to produce tiny spy cameras for everyone.

Since storage devices are also becoming smaller and smaller, it is easy to manufacture spy cameras in the form of a disguised object. From the outside this gives the impression that it is a conventional everyday item.

However, in truth this everyday object is a hidden mini-camera often with HD quality. It can be a quite ordinary thing like a ballpoint pen camera (even with a microphone for sound recording) that looks like a normal pen. A watch can also be used as a camouflage. The hidden mini camera is always integrated.

Spy cameras record also at night

These spy cameras – also called spy cams – are used to secretly film areas or rooms. This makes it possible to easily record the events at a certain location by video in HD quality.

The people present do not notice or suspect anything at all. This is why a surveillance camera can also be used to detect theft or catch a cheating spouse in the act.

Such hidden surveillance cameras are also available with motion detection and/or night vision. With night vision it is possible to film even in dark areas. Due to the motion detection, the recording of a video only starts when something happens in front of the spy cam.

Of course, night vision does not deliver brilliant colour videos. If there is no light, you always have to accept small losses in the quality of the images.

Buying a spy camera is very easy

You can buy a spy camera at any time on the Internet. Only 20 years ago, special technical solutions like this were still extremely sophisticated and expensive.

This was simply due to the fact that the technology was not as advanced at that time as it is today. Video cameras with night vision were practically non-existent at that time and the technology for motion detection was still in its infancy.

In fact, every single spy camera had to be custom built by hand. And the technical components were much larger. Today we are talking about mass production of spy cameras all over the world. This makes it possible to buy spy cameras for very little money.

The cameras are well disguised high-tech devices. Some spy cameras are suitable as a surveillance camera for indoor and outdoor use, while others can be used only inside.

Which spy cameras are available on the market?

Here we would like to give you an idea which spy cameras in general are on the market. Which cameras have become bestsellers? For this purpose, a list of the best-selling models of spy cameras is provided. From this list you can see which surveillance cameras for secret recording and monitoring are particularly popular with buyers.

From a purely statistical point of view, those spy cameras that are bought particularly frequently are also suitable in practice to meet the buyers’ requirements.

There is no doubt that the requirements for cameras vary greatly from case to case. It is therefore normal that various cameras are listed, because not every concealed spy camera is suitable for all purposes. If the surveillance with a ballpoint pen camera is suitable in one situation, doesn’t mean that it is every time.

Reviews of the spy cameras provide information about their use in practice

Check out the reviews for different models of spy cameras that buyers have written.

Based on these reviews, you can quickly see if the particular spy camera is suitable for your purpose. And you will see which hidden surveillance camera is the ideal choice for you. Of course, the price is always a factor in determining which spy camera you choose.

Detective agencies also use spy cameras like this in their daily work. This is done, for example, when it comes to capturing certain facts in HD. With the recorded video, clear evidence can be provided.

Spy cameras are often used when the filming must be done secretly. This is the case, for example, when the activity of a moonlighter needs to be documented.

Spy cameras are frequently used for the detection of thefts in companies and shops and also for the investigation of damage to property. As mentioned the recordings show the perpetrators in HD resolution, which makes the identification easier.

By the way, the use of a spy cam does not make a spy like James Bond out of you, but it helps to gather important information that you might not get otherwise.

Technical features of spy cameras

Fortunately there are different models of high definition spy cameras. Therefore it is necessary to know the exact purpose of use. As mentioned before many hidden cameras work with motion detectors. Using a surveillance camera with motion detection has the advantage that you do not have to watch many hours of continuous recordings later.

The quality of the recordings of night vision cameras depends on how much ambient light there is. Of course, night vision does not mean that the quality of the images is as good as daylight recordings.

Of course, technical gimmicks do not have room everywhere. A hidden camera built into a ballpoint pen or other pen will not be able to provide night vision and usually no motion detection. The space in a device like this is simply too limited.

However, if a camera is hidden in an alarm clock, it may be usable at night and feature a motion detector. Usually you will be able to find the perfect surveillance device for your needs. Browse the above offers if you are looking for a do-it-yourself solution, or get advice from a specialist.

The times when only a spy would secretly take pictures with the Minox are over. With the right surveillance camera you are better than any spy and the use of a hidden camera is as easy as its acquisition.

Follow the rules when using a spy camera.

Pay attention to the rules when spying via camera

Well, a real spy won’t mind if there are rules or not. A spy usually does not ask if it is allowed to use hidden cameras. But you are not a spy. Therefore, in your own interest, you should follow the current law in your country.

As soon as a transfer of pictures or videos is done wireless, you are by definition operating a transmitter. And a device like this may not be used disguised as an everyday item in some countries.

The trick: Cameras without transmitters are allowed

Spy cameras are only allowed if the images / videos are transmitted by cable or if the videos / images are stored within the device. However this shouldn’t be a problem considering that a lot of hidden cameras have hard drives or depending on its size a SD Card slot for the recordings on board.

And as mentioned, you can buy and use devices like this legally.

Good examples are USB sticks with concealed cameras, because it has no transmitter and they use a part of the already existing storage space for the recordings.

Of course the legality goes hand in hand with other laws. For example, you are not allowed to secretly monitor and take pictures in a changing room.

Spy cameras are usually not the only used for the detection of vandalism or theft but they are frequently used to catch a cheating spouse. Considering this, the following articles could be interesting for you as well: