Catch a cheating spouse via the body language

If someone is unfaithful he usually is a liar at the same time, too, because he doesn’t want to admit that he cheated. In a relationship the most common lie is when your partner says, where he was at the time when he really was with his lover.

Someone who is unfaithful and is lying has a very tense facial expression and body language. If you want to be able to recognize these gestures you should prepare yourself well before you ask your spouse a few well thought through questions.

By direct questioning you put your spouse completely under pressure because he has to answer directly and spontaneously. If his answer is a lie this will be reflected in his facial expressions and body language.

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How to detect lies

If your partner tells the truth all parts of his facial expressions would work together. For example if someone laughs, the whole face would laugh, this can be seen in the eyes, nose and even the ears slightly move.

But if your spouse is telling lies he would only move the mouth as if the rest of his face wouldn’t belong to him.

It is also very important to watch your partner’s eyes because the eyes of a liar either move nervously from right to left or they don’t move at all. Some people just stare at the floor out of embarrassment.


How to detect lies
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How to detect if your partner tells the truth

People who tell the truth answer spontaneously and they seem to be quite natural. If your partner has to think about the answer, you should already be suspicious.

The answer a liar would give you doesn’t seem to be natural at all or the answer is that long because he is so busy trying to make his answer believable.

Are you not sure?

What body language signals your partner’s body will send out nobody knows beforehand, because that is different from person to person. Some people only show some of these features when they lie.

So if you want to test whether your partner is lying, you just have to ask him specific questions, to which you know he has to answer with the truth.

It is important that you pay attention to his body language and try to keep it in your mind. So now you are able to recognize when your partner is lying.

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