Signs of infidelity among women

Not only men cheat – women also go astray. Different statistics show that more than half of women have extramarital relations. For men it is even up to 55% – 60%.

Would you have thought that there is only a few percent difference in cheating between the sexes? What signs of infidelity among women are there?

Some significant features can be found here in this article. These signs are quite different from those in men.

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Pay attention to your wife’s first warning signals

If you pay enough attention to your partner, you will quickly notice the typical signs that something is wrong in the relationship.

All of a sudden, your wife’s only talking about that, for example, Peter. That doesn’t necessarily mean your wife is cheating on you, but it could be a warning signal. Perhaps it is also the case that your wife simply likes and appreciates this new colleague as a colleague. Here it is important to pay attention to your wife’s behaviour and changes.

Does your wife suddenly take special care of her appearance? Does she buy new lingerie, has a new hairstyle and is now taking an appointment with the beautician? And didn’t she do all these before with that meticulousness?

Then this should definitely make you prick up your ears. Maybe she’s doing it all because of you. Or maybe not. You should be able to estimate and recognize this. You’ll know where you stand faster with that.

Signs of infidelity among women - Watch for the warning signals

Overtime and meetings with friends can be faked

Has there been constant overtime or meetings with friends lately? Or why does she often come home late at night and doesn’t even want you to pick her up?

Try to find out whether the other colleagues also have to work overtime. If that’s not the case, isn’t it strange?

Infidelity wives don’t attach great importance to the husband not always at home.

Suddenly it doesn’t seem to bother your wife that you can’t spend much time with her. There can be two reasons for this. Either she is fed up and is only annoyed by the whole situation or she has found someone who now spends enough time with her.

Usually women like it when their partner shows interest in how the woman has spent her day. If this behaviour suddenly changes, caution is also required here. Because if she had nothing to hide, there would be no reason why she would feel uncomfortable if you showed an interest in her daily routine.

Is your sex life suddenly different?

Of course, a lot of changes play a role in such a case, but one of the most important changes is often the intimate life with your own partner.

If your wife used to attach great importance to being taken in your arms and kissed by you, it will be different overnight. For no apparent reason, she always brings new excuses to avoid having to sleep with you.

Some women are particularly loving and caring at some point, but they can suddenly change at some point. However, if your wife’s behavior has changed, be careful, it could be a sign of cheating.

Pay attention to small and big things

Sometimes its little things that will make you realize you’ve been cheated. Sometimes, however, it is more than a clear indication. If you suddenly find condoms in your wife’s handbag, although she never uses them herself, there are few plausible explanations.

But it does not have to be this clear indication. A new hobby can be an excuse to get away from home. This is especially true when they are time consuming and when they are taken out with other women you don’t know. If you want to convict an unfaithful partner, you must always pay attention to the overall picture of the relationship.

Watch your wife’s cell phone – you’ll see infidelity

Another sure clue could be your wife’s cell phone. Watch your wife’s behaviour when her phone rings or when she receives an SMS or WhatsApp. Is she very anxious to always answer her cell phone herself and even leaves the room during the phone call? Then you may believe our professional experience that your wife has something to hide.

Has your wife recently said that you should spend more time with the children, because this is very important for the relationship with the children? Of course it has always been important that both parents spend time with the children, so it is important to notice the small nuances here.

Has it always been important to her or is that something new? Maybe she’s pretending to have more free time herself while you’re tied down because you’re with the kids.

Check your wife's cellphone

Is your wife unfaithful?

The above points can be indications of cheating by your wife, but they do not necessarily have to be. Watch their behavior. If it has changed enormously, then it can be assumed that she is cheating. Here, it’s important to know why she cheated.

Most women blame their husbands. They think that the man does not have enough respect, trust, love, time for his wife and the lover now has all that.

Women also have a guilty conscience when they are sexually erroneous. As a man, you can tell by all these little clues that your wife’s feelings are different now. Keep all this in mind if you’re afraid of being cheated. Don’t do that, you’re in the middle of a big problem.

Infidelity among women often results from emotional undersupply

In fact, few women cheat because of the pure thought of foreign sex. Rather, the affair of the woman is often an attempt to compensate for an emotional undersupply in her own relationship. She then feels misunderstood or neglected by her partner.

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