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Infidelity: What every couple should know

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How do I know if my marriage is vulnerable to infidelity?

Infidelity Signs

For a couple of weeks you are wondering if your partner is having an affair and now you are thinking about what the signs of infidelity could be. Here are a few signs, which you should watch out for:

  • suddenly he starts working longer hours and goes out at night to so called “client dinners”
  • weekends or at night time he seems to be restless and more often he claims that he has “work” to do and therefore he spent a lot more time in his home office – with a closed door
  • from one day to another he starts taking the dog out for long walks or offers to go shopping in the evening
  • he doesn’t or just on rare occasions wants to sleep with you
  • he starts going to the gym and is careful about what he eats
  • he dyed his hair to cover the gray ones
  • he changes his style of clothes
  • he hides credit card charges and cash withdrawals
  • he becomes secretive or defensive about phone calls or emails
  • he’s more short-tempered. Things that didn’t used to bother him suddenly do
Is your partner being unfaithful?

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